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Gas-fired gensets delivered for UK independent power project

A first fleet of gas-firedà‚ gensetsà‚ from Cummins Power Generation have been delivered to independent power producerà‚ UKà‚ Power Reserve’s (UKPR) 20 MW Carrington power plant in England.

The 35-tonne generators were moved into position using a crane with a lift capacity of 250 tonnes, UKPR said.

Cummins will eventually deliver 10 of itsà‚ gensetsà‚ for the project, which won in the UK’s second capacity market auction last year. UKPR said it won 348 MW of 15-year new-build contracts in 2014’s capacity market auction and a further 160 MW in 2015.

Cummins said the order for the gas-fired gensets was one of the largest globally.

The site is expected to be operational by the end of this summer and to deliver enough power for 20,000 households.

UKPR’s modular gas genset power plants are designed to be controlled remotely from a virtual power plant. The company said the plants will be “called upon to operate in the wholesale and ancillary services markets to help balance supply and demand in real time”.à‚ 

UKPR has 25 other sites under development, which it said represent the largest expansion of gas-fired power generation in the UK and EU. It expects the entire project to be completed by 2018.

Tim Emrich, UKPR CEO, said: “I applaud Government and [regulator] OFGEM’s endorsement of independent embedded generation in the UK through the annual Capacity Market, and I’m proud of our pole position in this energy revolution which finds decentralized, independent generation providing more and more of our country’s power.”

And Justin O’Flynn, General Manager at Cummins Energy Solutions, a part of Cummins Power Generation, said: “UKPR is at the forefront of the emerging distributed energy market in the UK, and the provision of flexible generating capacity will contribute significantly to the economy and security of the UK’s energy supply.” à‚