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FPL selects SmartPlant turbine parts tracking system

16 September 2002 – Florida Power & Light Company has signed a contract to purchase SmartPlant Foundation information management software and implementation services from the Process, Power & Offshore division of Intergraph Corporation.

SmartPlant Foundation will comprise the CT PARTS (Combustion Turbine Part Assessment and Retrieval Tracking System), which will support maintenance planning for Florida Power & Light’s (FPL) fleet of combustion turbine power generation units. Supporting a comprehensive lifecycle approach, CT PARTS covers planning, maintenance and decommissioning. CT PARTS will provide a central location for all information required for making more informed and rapid decisions for managing the FPL combustion turbine (CT) fleet.

With CT PARTS, FPL expects to more efficiently plan for CT outages by rapid parts location and replacement,closely monitor time between maintenance and continually improve availability. The system is scheduled for deployment in fourth quarter and will replace a variety of systems and manual work processes.

CT PARTS stores, manages and provides access to information on serialized combustion turbine parts including blades, rotors and combustion assemblies. The system tracks the location of both operating and spare components, provides detailed part, configuration histories and maintains inspection information. The SmartPlant Foundation Web-based interface for CT PARTS features drag-and-drop configuration of combustion turbine assemblies, spreadsheet reporting functions, graphical exploration of past, current and planned units and an extensible, flexible data model.

Marty Domenech, CT PARTS project manager, Florida Power & Light said, “The SmartPlant Foundation-based CT PARTS will provide an accurate picture of the entire combustion turbine fleet. As a result, FPL will optimize planning for new purchases, planned and unplanned maintenance, repairs and spares availability. We chose SmartPlant Foundation as the core of CT PARTS because it offers the versatility, configurability and ease of use FPL requires. The new system ultimately serves the interests of our customers and investors by reducing costs and improving CT work process efficiency.”

Tom Doran, vice president, Americas business unit, Intergraph Process, Power & Offshore, said, “As the basis of CT PARTS, SmartPlant Foundation comprises a single system to help reduce the cost and effort needed to manage FPL’s CT fleet. The fundamental and flexible configuration management and automatic history tracking capabilities of SmartPlant Foundation offers simplification of daily tasks while producing significant operational benefits for maintenance and operations.”