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FPL Energy orders 175 Vestas wind turbines

3 April, 2002 – FPL Energy, LLC, the independent power production subsidiary of FPL Group Inc. today announced an agreement with Vestas Wind Systems A/S of Denmark for delivery of approximately 175 wind turbines and an option for an additional 650 turbines.

Delivery of the 660 kW turbines will begin in 2002 and will support the planned expansion of wind-driven electricity generation projects underway at FPL Energy.

“Wind projects will be a major element of our expansion activity in 2002 and 2003,” said Ron Green, president of FPL Energy. “We expect to add 1000 to 2000 MW of wind power to our portfolio by the end of next year.”

FPL Energy is the largest generator of electricity from wind turbines in the United States. It currently owns and operates wind farms in eight states with more than 1400 MW of capacity.

“As the leading U.S. developer of wind power, it is important for FPL Energy to secure a reliable source of wind turbines for use in projects we are developing today and into the future,” said Mr. Green.

Approximately 80 per cent of FPL Energy’s electric generation is fuelled by renewable sources or clean-burning natural gas. Wind power represents nearly 28 per cent of the company’s 5063 MW portfolio.

Last month, Congress extended the production tax credit for operating wind projects. Projects that become operational by the end of 2003 will receive a 1.7-cent per kWh tax credit, adjusted for Inflation, for a ten-year period.

“We continued our wind project development activities during the first part of this year, and the extension of the production tax credit in March gave us the green light to quickly advance these important projects to construction.

“Wind power is an important component of our nation’s move toward energy independence as we harness our natural resources for production of electricity. It is a clean, renewable source of energy that can be sited, built and in operation much more rapidly than conventional fossil fuel facilities,” Mr. Green said.

“Typically, wind farms can be constructed in six to nine months, and they are profitable from the first day of operation,” said Mr. Green. Last year, FPL Energy built nearly 850 MW of wind-powered generating facilities, approximately half of what was built in the United States.

“A large percentage of our current wind facilities are equipped with Vestas turbines,” said Green. “We are pleased to move forward with such a reliable supplier for our future expansion.”

FPL Energy is the nation’s leader in wind energy generation, with 24 wind farms in Iowa, Kansas, Texas, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Washington, Oregon and California. The company is a leading independent producer of clean energy from natural gas, wind, solar and hydroelectric. Its portfolio includes 73 facilities in operation, under construction, or in advanced stages of development in 17 states.