Fluke launches power measurement calibration standard

1 June 2002 – Norwich, UK – based Fluke Precision Measurement Ltd. has this month launched its 6100A Electrical Power Standard – a scaleable unit designed to provide highly accurate calibration for power meters, power quality analysers, power recorders and power meters with quality measurement capabilities.

The new equipment represents the first tangible fruits of Fluke’s acquisition of Wavetek-Datron in January 2000 and addresses the increasing demand for accurate power measurement arising from fragmentation and deregulation within the electrical power sector globally.

The Fluke 6100A is a multi-phase, reliable source of phantom electrical power signals and power disturbances which mimics harmonic distortions, user-definable sags, swells and flicker. It is configurable to the differing power voltages and frequencies that have been adopted globally, enabling the user to select relevant values for the measurements being made.

“Prior to the 6100A, there was no single piece of equipment capable of calibrating instruments for a number of measurements, such as harmonics and flicker,” said David Coombes, Fluke’s UK product marketing manager at the product’s UK launch.

The 6100A operates with extremely low calibration uncertainties; voltage 100 ppm, current 100 ppm, frequency 50 ppm, power 200 ppm, phase 0.01 deg and modulated signals 0.25 per cent, all for sinusoidal or non sinusoidal signals.

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