‘First fire’ at two new Netherlands CCGT units

Gas turbines at Essent‘s Moerdijk 2 and Claus C combined-cycle gas turbine (CCGT) units in the Netherlands have been put into operation for the first time.

Moerdijk 2 is a 430 MW unit under construction by GE and due to complete by the year-end, raising the Moerdijk complex’s capacity from 345 MW to 775 MW. Its planned efficiency is more than 58 per cent.

Claus C is an expansion and modernization by Alstom of the Claus B unit of the Claus Power Plant. The project, due to complete in mid 2012, will raise the complex’s capacity from 1280 MW to 1920 MW, making it the Netherlands’ largest plant. The operation will also improve efficiency from 39 per cent to 58.5 per cent.

Essent is part of the RWE Group and is the largest energy company in the Netherlands.

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