FG Wilson backup power for Ukraine’s largest data centre


Bucha, Ukraine-based FG Wilson dealer Madek has supplied a standby power solution consisting of two P1375E3 and four P1700P1 generator sets to the Parkovaya Data Centre, located in central Ukraine.

The backup power station’s total capacity is 9550 kVA.

The six gensets were fitted in the data centre’s engine room inside a special compartment, Madek said. They are synchronised with each other and will provide emergency power in the case of a mains failure. The four P1700P1 units will provide emergency power for the data centre while the two P1375E3 units will supply power for common data centre infrastructure.

Commenting on the project, Dmitry Gladkyi, commercial director at Madek, said: ‘Madek engineers developed all technical solutions for the Parkovaya Data Centre, including the design and installation of the automatic refueling system and of the fuel storage tanks ” with total capacity of 40,000 litres providing 24-hour, non-stop operation of generator sets.

‘The design and installation of the fire extinguishing system was also an important element of our work,’ he added, ‘as was the delivery of the synchronisation power boards and the cabling of more than 300 metres of power track 2500 A.’

Cummins launches next genset generation

Cummins Power Generation

Cummins Power Generation has introduced its new line of QSK95 Series diesel generator sets.

The gensets are rated at up to 3.5 MW/60 Hz and 3.75 MVA/50 Hz. They feature a reduced footprint that achieves a 20% improvement in power density, Cummins said, while offering fuel savings of more than $400,000 over 8000 operating hours.

Tony Satterthwaite, president of Cummins Power Generation, said: ‘The QSK95 Series produces up to 3.5 MW of power, occupying less floor space than lower-rated generator sets. They are designed to lower the total cost of ownership by reducing installation expenses, fuel costs and maintenance requirements ࢀ” all while maintaining Cummins’ high standards of reliability.’

The firm says the QSK95 gensets are suitable for mining, oil and gas, or any project undertaken in harsh conditions or challenging environments. They are also recommended for data centres, hospitals, water and wastewater treatment plants and utilities.

The gensets are on offer in multiple rating options for various power generation applications, including continuous, prime power, mission critical and standby. Cummins also offers a data centre continuous (DCC) rating.

MTU Onsite Energy announces new genset


Rolls-Royce has announced the availability of its MTU Onsite Energy 18V 2000 diesel generator set with a power output of 1250 kWe.

The genset is based on the firm’s MTU Series 2000 diesel engine in an 18 V configuration, which is designed for power generation applications.

The 18V 2000 genset will allow customers with requirements at the 1250 kWe node to purchase an equally powerful generator set with a more efficient footprint than was previously available, MTU said.

The genset utilises a high-pressure common rail fuel injection system and optimised air filter and outlet placements. According to MTU, its engine control unit features increased RAM and processor capacity that delivers four times the speed of earlier models.

Al Prosser, director of sales at MTU, said: ‘This new generator set is quieter, more efficient, and it produces the same power levels using less space than ever before. It’s also available to our customers at a lower cost than was previously available at the 1250 kWe power node.’

Innovus Power offers first variable speed gensets for primary power

Innovus Power

Innovus Power has announced the launch of a variable speed generator set for primary power. The firm says its MVS Series is the first commercial primary power solution that uses variable speed technology.

The gensets decouple engine speed from frequency, allowing the set to run at optimal RPMs to produce power for the load. By breaking dependency on RPMs, the new gensets will provide up to 35% lower operating costs and lower EPA Level 4 emissions, Innovus claims.

The accompanying GridGenius Platform, which enables scaling with multiple gensets, is aimed at the hybrid microgrid market.

According to Innovus, it offers scalable integration of renewables with dispatchable genset grid power ramping from 0% to 120% of genset capacity, minimising the need for storage and virtually eliminating renewable curtailment; dynamic power factor correction of +/- 20%; and direct integration with both renewable and dispatchable grid power sources.

Riello and Himoinsa partner on PowerCube


Riello UPS has partnered with Himoinsa Power Solutions to offer a new genset aimed at providing standby power for data centres.

The firms said their 640 kVA/509 kW Power Cube offers a more compact, robust, quieter and more efficient solution than a standard generator. They believe it will be a good fit for the data centre market where space is at a premium.

The Power Cube is housed in a ten-foot shipping container and weighs less than 8000 kg, making it 50% smaller in body length and 35% smaller in cubic metres compared to other generators on the market, Riello and Himoinsa said.

It can also be coupled to 32 generators to form a combined 16 MW power plant.

Clive Dix, managing director of Himoinsa Power Solutions, said: ‘The Power Cube provides a cost-effective solution on a small footprint which makes it ideal for specialist hirers and installations where space restrictions apply.

‘Two of the Power Cubes can be provided at a lower cost than a 1 MW generator with the added benefits of lower emissions, fuel saving and less noise,’ he continued.

The Power Cube was nominated as a finalist in the Executive Hire 2014 Innovation Awards and Speedy 2014 Specialist awards.

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