This week saw ExxonMobil (XOM:US) launch its Mobil DTE 932 GT, a high-specification lubricant that has will help to improve the reliability and power output of gas turbines commonly used in distributed generation (DG) applications.

Mobil DTE 932 GT is part of ExxonMobil’s wide range of lubricants and service, and is designed to help operators of cogeneration/CHP and on-site power plants improve the safety and productivity of their operations.

The new lubricant is based on high-quality base oils balanced with a proprietary additive system to provide long oil life, and aims to limit varnish formation in gas turbines.

In addition, across a wide range of testing procedures, Mobil DTE 932 GT has been shown to deliver additional performance benefits, including a high temperature performance and deposit control, as well as foam control and air release.

An essential part of the development process for new lubricants, which can take seven or more years, is the partnership between ExxonMobil’s equipment builder engineers and OEMs.

Speaking with representatives of Mobil Industrial Lubricants, one of the major benefits of this relationship is that it allows for close development and monitoring of value field trials of the newest equipment with the latest product offerings from ExxonMobil.

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