Primary Flow Signal

Primary Flow Signal has successfully delivered a 96” ASME PTC 19.5, throat-tapped flow nozzle for use within the largest gas turbine validation facility in the world.

Once installed in the facility’s test stand, the flow nozzle will be subjected to simulations of real-world power connectivity and testing well beyond critical limits of normal plant operations.
Primary Flow Signal
The flow-metering solutions specialist confirmed that the first flow nozzle has been shipped and orders have been placed for additional nozzles, giving the facility significantly more accurate measurement of the high air flow output required for testing H-class gas turbines.

This very large line size nozzle was manufactured at the company’s Rhode Island, US facility using a combination of 304 stainless steel and fiberglass. The nozzle features four equally-spaced taps at the throat for a variety of instrumentation required for a specific test.

Primary Flow Signal’s PTC 19.5 and PTC-6 flow elements are high performance, reliable, differential-producing flow measurement devices that are intended to be the primary device for steam turbine acceptance tests. The meter was specifically designed and manufactured in accord with the requirements of the ASME Performance Test Code 19.5 for Steam Turbines.