A federal District Court judge in Washington D.C. on Jan 20 issued an order extending by 30 days the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s deadline to issue emission standards for large and small boilers and solid waste and sewage sludge incinerators.

EPA said it was “disappointed” that the extension was not longer. It said it would work to issue the standards by the new deadline. In early December, EPA asked the court for an extra year to release the standards for controlling mercury and lead emissions and other pollutants at the facilities.

Last April the agency issued emission-controlling proposals for boilers, process heaters and certain solid waster incinerators.

After receiving more than 4,800 comments and additional data during the public comment period, EPA asked the court to delay until April 2012 the deadline to issue final regulations.

Environmental groups fought the delay and the court ruled the EPA already had plenty of time to finalize the rules. 

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