Environmental Elements Corporation (EEC), a provider of air pollution control equipment and services in North America, announced Thursday it has received more than $6.4m in new project orders for its Services business unit. The orders from two major North American companies will utilize EEC’s technology for power generation applications.

The new contracts involve the rebuilding and optimizing of electrostatic precipitators, which remove particulate emissions such as dust and fly ash resulting from the combustion of coal. EEC will provide the materials and engineering that will enable the units to perform efficiently and reliably with fewer maintenance requirements.

“Our unique and highly effective precipitator design will allow these companies to capture more particulate without enlarging their existing equipment casing, which will result in even better compliance with regulatory standards aimed at reducing air pollutant emissions,” said John L. Sams, EEC’s president and CEO.

The company said it was not in a position to reveal the names of the customers but that they were both major US utilities. The EEC contract in one case is part of a major refit and in the other, involves replacement of equipment following a fire.

These contracts follow another significant new order announced earlier this month for EEC’s Systems business unit from a pulp and paper company totalling more than $15m.

“These new projects combined with other recent contract awards add to the strong growth of the Services segment of our business, which has consistently produced favourable results so far this year.”

EEC designs and supplies proprietary, custom-engineered air-pollution control systems for utilities, paper and petrochemical companies, solid-waste facilities, and other industrial customers. The systems scrub out dust and acid gases from plant emissions to meet strict regulations. EEC’s products include ammonia-on-demand systems, electrostatic precipitators, fabric filtration systems, and particulate scrubbing systems; the company outsourcers its manufacturing. EEC also provides on-going maintenance services and spare parts.

The company markets to customers in Asia, Europe, North America, and the Pacific Rim. In the UK, EEC has most recently been working on two power plants operated by TXU Europe.