29 Jan 2002 – Austrian engineering firm VA Tech Hydro said today that its order book was boosted at the end of 2001 with five major international orders with a total value of over €250 m. The worldwide specialist in renewables and clean energy won orders in Romania, Egypt, Iran, UK and the USA bringing total orders for the year to more than €1bn. 60 per cent of the value of the orders was won by the Service & Rehab section, which VA Tech Hydro has defined as a growth area and which had already shown good progress in the past year.

Modernisation of the Eisernes Tor II power station in Romania
In co-operation with Hidroelectria S.A., Romania’s largest hydro power company, VA Tech Hydro is undertaking modernisation of the Eisernes Tor II power station (224 MW). The contract for renovation of turbines and generators and the installation of a new safety and automation system was signed last month. The primary aim of the project is to improve the reliability and operational safety of the power station, thereby reducing running and maintenance costs. A 15 per cent increase in power station output will also significantly improve capacity on the power network in the south-west of the country.

Construction of a new power station in Egypt
Another of VA Tech Hydro’s major new orders is for the construction of a new bulb turbine power station in Naga Hammadi in Upper Egypt, 140 km north of Luxor. Following successful erection of the New Esna power station in 1989 and reconstruction work on the Assuan 1 power station between 1992 and 1997, this is VA Tech Hydro ‘s third major Egyptian contract. The project, which was commissioned in November, will replace an existing dam on the Nile, built between 1927 – 1930, which is no longer suitable due to steady erosion of the river bed.

Expansion of the Upper Gotvand hydro power station in Iran
VA Tech Hydro is responsible for the supply of four generators and electrical equipment for the Upper Gotvand hydro power station (1000 MW) in Shushtar on the Karun river in the south-west of Iran. The project is being realised in Cupertino with Farab Co., a subsidiary of the Iranian Ministry of Energy. Start of operation is planned for 2007.

Upgrading the Cruachan hydro power station in Scotland
Scottish Power, the largest electricity supplier in Great Britain, has commissioned a consortium led by VA Tech Hydro to renovate the Cruachan power station and to increase its output by 30 per cent. Cruachan was built to the north of Glasgow in 1965. GE Hydro is responsible for supplying the mechanical components.

Modernisation of two power stations in the USA
VA Tech Hydro is bringing the two American power stations Walterville & Leaburg (2 units at Leaburg) up to date technically for its new customer Eugene Water & Electric Board. There is an extremely tight schedule for the Walterville project in particular, where the turbine runner will be replaced by late fall of this year, approximate 10 month delivery. Modernisation and rehabilitation of the plants will be completed between 2002 and 2003. Roughly 21 per cent of the power generated worldwide comes from renewable energy sources. With a market share of about 18 per cent in this market VA Tech Hydro is one of the leading supplier worldwide.