7 April 2010 – UK-based developer of micro-CHP technology, Energetix Genlec has unveiled an integrated micro-CHP boiler appliance for the UK domestic market, under the trade name ‘Kingston’.
The unit is designed to generate 1 kW of power which can be utilized in the home, and any excess exported to the national electricity grid.
The company anticipates that the Kingston appliance, based on the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC), will have a significantly shorter payback period than other micro-CHP technologies.
The unit is compact, wall-hung, lightweight and tailored for installation in UK homes. It integrates the Genlec ORC micro-CHP technology, which generates electricity using heat produced by a gas boiler. The target performance for the Kingston appliance is to have an overall efficiency equivalent to a high-efficiency condensing boiler, and an electrical efficiency of 10%.
Genlec has taken advantage of the improving conditions for micro-CHP in the UK market, particularly with the introduction of feed-in tariffs. The Kingston is undergoing laboratory tests to determine its heating and electrical performance, and is expected to have full UK certification this year.