11 March 2010 – UK-based measurement technology specialist Testo AG has introduced a 4-gas emissions analyser, enabling efficiency and pollution measurements to be taken on burners or engine generator sets.

 The Testo 340 emissions analyser is designed for commissioning, service and maintenance work as well as monitoring measurements on gas and oil burners of any size, stationary gas engines and gas turbines.
The hand-held instrument will make accurate emissions measurements quicker and easier, says the company.
The Testo 340 is fitted with an O2 measuring cell as standard. Three further gas sensors (eg CO, COlow, NO, NOlow, NO2 or SO2) can be individually configured at any time, providing the optimum configuration for the respective measurement task.
Sensors can be exchanged directly by the user in the field, minimizing service times.
The instrument’s integrated protective rubber housing shields the instrument from impact in demanding environments.