Emerson has won a contract to retrofit controls on two Alstom turbines at Engie’s DK6 combined-cycle power plant (pictured) in Dunkirk, France.

The existing controls on the GT13 turbines at the 800 MW plant are obsolete and no longer supported by Alstom, Emerson said, adding that the project marks the first time a vendor other than the turbine OEM has been selected to retrofit GT13 combustion turbine controls.

The scope of work includes dismantling the existing controls, engineering and installing the new controls, and assisting with commissioning and startup.

The new controls are planned to be installed at each unit during a 13-day outage, a compressed timeframe for a turbine controls replacement project according to Emerson.

The first retrofitted power block is expected to be back online in September 2018, and the second in July 2019.

Emerson said its Ovation turbine control system is an open system, offering plant personnel the ability to modify applications or adapt the controls to accommodate future plant expansion, as well as new operation modes and fuels, without the need for a service call.

Bob Yeager, president, Power & Water at Emerson Automation Solutions, said the technology “uses the same hardware and software platform for turbine control as it uses for other plant controls, such as heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs), burner management systems, generator excitation and high-fidelity embedded simulation. This single platform architecture significantly reduces O&M automation-related expenses and simplifies lifecycle management and planning.”