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A recent online survey of power industry professionals from across the globe found that more than 65 per cent of those polled believe that gas turbine lubrication maintenance has a significant effect on their company’s profitability.


Flexibility versus Efficiency

As mentioned above, advances in gas turbine technology have resulted in the development of machines that in combined-cycle mode can top more than 60 per cent thermal efficiency ” a target the industry has been chasing for years.

Early summer 2011 saw four of the world’s biggest turbine manufacturers launch their next-generation gas turbines; which all promised greater efficiency ” Siemens’ SGT5-8000H; GE Energy’s FlexEfficiency 50 concept; Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ J Series; and the latest version of Alstom’s GT26 CCGT.

Interestingly, although much was made of achieving a thermal efficiency greater than 60 per cent, arguably greater attention focused on the machines’ capability to operate in a highly flexible manner.

For example, GE claims its FlexEfficiency 50 plant can ramp-up at a rate of 51 MW per minute, twice the industry norm, and can go from a hot start to full rated power in 28 minutes. Similarly, Siemens’ pioneering gas turbine, which underwent a rigorous testing process over 3″4 years, was specifically designed to be fast starting and flexible, providing the option of running the H class efficiently whether it is in a base, intermediate or peak load range.

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