A recent online survey of power industry professionals from across the globe found that more than 65 per cent of those polled believe that gas turbine lubrication maintenance has a significant effect on their company’s profitability.

Opportunities & Threats

In terms of providing opportunities for the future development of gas power plant, most of those polled cited the growing installed base of renewables.

Almost 92 per cent of the respondents strongly agreed or agreed with the statement that the greater integration of renewable energy generation and the accompanying concern over the ability to effectively balance the grid means there will be a greater need for power generated by natural gas, primarily gas turbines.

According to REN21, among all renewables wind power increased the most in 2010, by an impressive 39 GW, bringing the total global wind capacity close to 198 MW by the end of last year.

In recent years, most countries have announced some sort of renewables development plan. The IEA predicts continued significant growth of the renewable energy sector, accounting for 18 per cent of the global energy mix by 2035. However, the required support, which would need to rise from $64 billion last year to $250 billion in 2035, may not be sustainable in this “age of fiscal austerity”, says the IEA.

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