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A recent online survey of power industry professionals from across the globe found that more than 65 per cent of those polled believe that gas turbine lubrication maintenance has a significant effect on their company’s profitability.


Renewable energy now represents approximately a quarter of total global electricity capacity and delivered close to 20 per cent of the global power supply, primarily from hydropower.

However, unlike conventional providers of baseload power, such as fossil fuel plants, the feed-in of renewables-based power into the grid depends strongly on the day/night cycle and weather conditions. This means that the availability of wind and solar power at any given time is not predictable, so renewable energies do not lend themselves to the all-important grid control and stabilisation.

Thus to ensure grid stability and a secure supply of electricity, it is realistic to say that fossil fuel power plants will continue to be a key part of the world’s power generation mix.

However, to be able to compensate for the fluctuating availability of power from a growing renewable energy base conventional power plants will need to exhibit greater operational flexibility, i.e. quick and frequent starts and stops, and operating at part load to supplement renewables will become the norm for power generation companies.

One of the most operationally flexible power plant types currently available on the market is the combined-cycle gas turbine (CCGT) plant, which manufacturers are now claiming can offer thermal efficiencies that exceed 60 per cent.

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