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E.ON gas-fired power plant set for permanent closure in England

Killingholme combined cycle gas power station in north Lincolnshire, England has stopped contributing to the UK national grid and may have to be shut down for good.

The Humber estuary gas-fired power plant has 900 MW of Transmission Entry Capacity (TEC) which will now no longer be available to National Grid.
Tony Cocker of E.ON
The company said the plant is at serious risk of permanent closure, subject to the outcome of an ongoing tender for National Grid’s Supplemental Balancing Reserve (SBR) service.

E.ON UK Chief Executive, Tony Cocker, said: “The reality is that the market conditions for gas-fired power stations are extremely difficult and without support from the SBR contract, permanent closure is a real and present risk to Killingholme. Over the last few years we have invested billions in the UK’s energy infrastructure but there is no doubt that the challenging operational environment continues to provide uncertainty and risk that must be addressed.”

Killingholme, which was entered into the recent UK Capacity Market Auction but was unsuccessful, is a Combined Cycle Gas Turbine comprising two 450 MW modules.