A Dutch startup has successfully patented its concept to produce CO2-free power from North Sea gas.

Circular Energy aims to build an offshore installation that is both a gas production facility and a zero emission gas-fired power plant.

The CO2 that is emitted during generation will be captured and injected in the producing gas field. The power will be transmitted to shore, making use of the existing and planned offshore power grid where possible.

Arnold Groot, founder and general manager of Circular Energy, said: “We are introducing an exciting innovative chain integration approach which can play a key role in the transition to a low carbon economy.

“By integrating our company to include a power station we develop gas fields – creating value from the recoverable natural gas in the North Sea – and we generate CO2-free power, enabling a steady flow of electricity to shore.”

If the power cable would tie into an offshore wind farm rather than directly to shore, Circular Energy could balance the offshore grid, for example, during low wind spells.

Circular Energy is currently optimizing its plant design, looking for the most efficient gas turbines, steam turbines and amine-based capture techniques.

Groot explained: “Based on our assumptions regarding available gas fields, we are working with a scenario of 175 MW installed capacity. That generates 1.1 TWh/year and captures 640 ktonne/year.”

Circular Energy is currently looking to raise capital. Groot said that the patent application “confirms that what we are doing is ground breaking. Each link in the Circular Energy chain is proven technology but combining them is novel, in particular injecting CO2 into a producing gas field.

“By pursuing an integrated solution of power plant, CO2 capture plant and subsurface development concept we can generate revenues from natural gas fields that would otherwise not be developed and be a reliable CO2 free partner to offshore wind developers.”

Arnold Groot will present his company’s plans at POWER-GEN Europe and Renewable Energy World Europe at the ENEL Knowledge Arena on Wednesday. Click here for details.