14 August 2002 – Korea’s Doosan Heavy Industries and Construction reached an agreement Wednesday to supply $68m in key machinery for nuclear power plants to US company Westinghouse, the company said.

The contract calls for Doosan to supply four steam generators, to be installed at 1200 MW light-water reactor nuclear power plants in Tennessee. Delivery will be made through October 2005.

The steam generators produce high-temperature, high-pressure steam from heated light-water in reactors so that it can power turbines. The generators to be supplied to Westinghouse are 20m long, 4m at their maximum diameter and weigh as much as 320t each.

This is the second contract from the United States awarded to Doosan for key nuclear power plant equipment following one in 1999, and signals international recognition of the domestic company’s advanced technological capabilities, a company executive said.

Doosan Heavy Industries and Construction has supplied vital equipment to a total of 15 nuclear power facilities in the domestic market since 1980. Most recently it supplied heavy-water reactors and steam generators to China last year.