Thigpen Energy, Recapture Solutions and Flex Leasing Power and Service (FLPS) have announced a merger to become TRF Energy Solutions offering remote power, natural gas fuelling and flare reduction services to customers across the continental United States.

Thigpen is a well-established leader in ‘all-fuels’ natural gas fuelling for high horsepower and industrial markets while FLPS offers remote power generation services.

‘The combined company will offer customers a natural gas solution that is more comprehensive than any other on the market today. With the ability to capture flare gas, use the processed gas for high-horsepower fuel and provide natural gas generator power to the site upon well completion, TRF is positioned to service the well-site from drilling through production,’ said Sam Thigpen, CEO of TRF. ‘Additionally, we can provide power and natural gas fuelling solutions to industrial, mining, agriculture and other markets outside of the oilfield.’

‘With the formation of TRF, our offering of turbine generators has been expanded to include reciprocating generators. Broadening our product portfolio will allow us to offer economic solutions for a broader range of projects,’ said Doug Baltzer, president of power for TRF.