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DCH secure power generation sensor system order

23 Jan 2002 – DCH Technology, Inc, a manufacturer of hydrogen-specific sensors and hydrogen fuel cells, said Wednesday it has signed a contract for 12 H2SCAN(TM) sensor systems from Applied Analytics, a supplier to the power generation industry. DCH expects an order for an additional 200 units will follow and said the deal represented an important step in its drive to enter the power engineering market

Applied Analytics will use the sensor systems as replacements for alternative sensors monitoring hydrogen used to cool large turbine electric generators. The sensor systems will be validated in the field and, upon performing to specification, Applied Analytics said they could purchase up to an additional 200 units by year-end. The first two systems will be shipped next month.

John Donohue, President and CEO of DCH Technology, Inc. said, “This represents the first penetration of our hydrogen-specific H2SCAN(TM) sensor systems into the power generation market where thousands of hydrogen sensors are used today. We believe the performance of these first few units could lead to significant near-term sales”.

DCH has targeted the power industry as a primary market for its Enable(TM) fuel cell. It said it was happy to have established another channel into the industry which it “intends to leverage.”

Existing H2SCAN(TM) sensor systems are able to sense hydrogen in air and other gases from 0.5 per cent to 100 per cent. Next-generation H2SCAN(TM) systems DCH anticipates launching this quarter will extend this sensing range down to .005 per cent, which will be best in class. The systems integrate the DCH Robust Hydrogen Sensor(TM) (RHS) with electronics for data gathering, analysis, and communications.

Applied Analytics manufactures on-line process analyzers and sampling systems for a variety of production and environmental application for the chemical, petrochemical, power generation and pharmaceutical industries.