Danish Elsam places $33m turbine order with Neg Micon

11 July 2002 – Elsam A/S, the Danish power producer, said Wednesday it has placed a wind-turbine order worth around 250m kroner ($33m) with NEG Micon A/S but warned that changes in legislation might mean that this order was the last for some while.

The order is conditional on Elsam getting government approval for various replacement and expansion projects for four wind parks in Denmark. The turbines will be put up before the end of 2002 if the projects get the green light.

The order covers a total of 32 turbines, which will have annual production of 125m kWh, equivalent to the electricity consumption of 25 000 households.

“With the new settlement terms for wind energy, which come in force in 2003 and which do not exactly encourage new wind energy development projects, this may be some of the last turbines that Elsam erects in Denmark for quite some time”, says Mr Flemming Thomsen, Manager of Wind Power.

Elsam is the largest wind turbine owner in Denmark with more than 450 turbines in operation. The company is undergoing a programme of replacing older, less efficient ones so as to improve the landscape with fewer and larger turbines instead of several smaller ones.

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