Jan. 23, 2001–Noricum Trade & Investments, of Nicosia, Cyprus, said the Electricity Authority of Cyprus has issued a tender for a wind turbine pilot project of 600 kW to 1 MW capacity to be installed at its Vassilikos Power Station in Limassol District.

The contract for the tender is on a turnkey basis and covers design, manufacture, inspection and testing of the turbine, among other aspects of the project. The turbine is to be installed and turned over to the agency’s control within 12 months of the date of contract award.

Bidders are required to post security of 20,000 Cyprus pounds (approximately U.S. $35,000), and bids are due by March 9 at 12 noon local time.

Tender documents can be obtained from the Authority upon payment of U.S. $100.

For further information, contact Noricum Trade & Investments, 45E Grivas Digenis Avenue, P.O.Box 24713, CY-1303 Nicosia, Cyprus, phone +357-2-66-75-00, fax +357-2-66-75-10, e-mail philippou@noricum.com.cy .