Collapse of wind turbine under investigation

The collapse of a 95 metre high wind turbine in Saxony, eastern Germany, on Thursday is under investigation.

The Saxony online daily Sàƒ¤chsische Zeitung (SZ)à‚ here reported the incident at the wind farLeisnig wind turbine collapsem near Leisnig. So fa the investigation has found that one of three blades failed catastrophically, thus creating a huge imbalance that caused the tower to buckle 15 meters above the ground andà‚ led to the structure crashing down.

According to the report, “Through the force of the impact, the gearbox unit was driven almost 2 meters into the earth.”

The incident comes weeks after a similar turbine collapse in the Mecklenburg Pommeria town of Sàƒ¼derholz. BILD daily reportedà‚ how a wind turbine tower snapped in half and crashed to the ground. An investigation is also underway there and Sàƒ¼derholz mayor Alexander Benkert ordered the other remaining turbines to be thoroughly inspected.

The tower snapped 25 meters up but that no one was injured.

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