Cogeneration to power South Korean industrial zone

An industrial zone in the city of Gunsan in South Korea is to get its power from a new cogeneration plant.

The Seagull steam power plant, with a generating capacity of 250 MW, will supply electricity and heat to the surrounding Gunjang industrial zone. The plant is currently under construction and is scheduled to come online in mid-2016.
South Korea

This is the plant’s fourth expansion phase to ensure a reliable power supply in the region around Gunsan.

A two-cylinder SST-800 steam turbine, a double-flow SST-500 turbine, and an associated SGen6-100A generator with reheat capability will be supplied by Siemens Energy. A Siemens SST-600 and a SST-300 industrial steam turbine have already been delivered and commissioned.

A coal-burning circulating fluidised bed steam generator with a selective catalytic reduction system will be supplied by Foster Wheeler.

The plant is being built by South Korean EPC firm eTEC E&C for its subsidiary Gunjang Energy Co Ltd, the plant’s owner.

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