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Chinese steel producer to burn COG in gas turbines

China’s Henan Liyuan Coking Co has ordered two LM2500+ aeroderivative gas turbines from GE Energy to burn 100% coke oven gas (COG) at the steel works. The plant, located in Anyang, Henan, will use the turbines, with a standard annular combustor and water injection for NOx control, to produce electricity in a cogeneration facility.

The turbines will help the Liyuan Coking Plant reduce emissions and convert low-BTU ‘waste’ gas to power efficiently. This project, GE Energy’s first COG order, will not only meet Liyuan’s self-power demand, but also will feed the power to the public grids.

Heating coal to extreme temperatures creates coke, a vital ingredient in the manufacturing of steel alloys. During the coking process, COG is typically vented to the atmosphere as waste. However, with the right technology, these gases can be utilized in a gas turbine for power generation.

Using the gas turbines to utilize COG will improve environmental conditions of the Liyuan plant substantially; over 430,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions will be eliminated, while NOx emissions will be reduced to less than 39 ppm, says GE.

The first unit will be delivered by July 2010, with the second to follow a month later. Commercial operation for the first unit is planned for the fourth quarter of 2010.