China plans to install wind turbines in Pakistan

China will help Pakistan resolve its power supply problems in the country’s rural areas by designing, manufacturing and installing small wind turbines.

China will initially install 14 wind turbines in the southern coastal regions of Sindh and Balochistan, in areas which do not have access to electricity. The turbines will provide light for villagers’ evening activities and will enable people to watch television for entertainment and educational purposes. The project will be repeated on a larger scale in other parts of the country if the pilot project is successful.

The agreement was made at recent meeting chaired by Pakistan’s Federal Minister for Science and Technology, Professor Atta-ur-Rahman, and attended by China’s Shen Dechang from the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Science. Under the agreement, Pakistan and Chinese experts will work together to install the turbines, and will also organize training courses on maintenance procedures.

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