Bahrain-based Arab Shipbuilding & Repair Yard Marketing Services Company (ASRY) and UK power generation packaging specialist Centrax Ltd have set up the joint venture company ASRY-Centrax to build 125 MW barge-mounted power stations.

The new company’s TPB125 Power Barge – to be built in Bahrain by ASRY – will be a multi-application power barge with twin Rolls-Royce Trent 60 aeroderivative gas turbine powered generator sets.

The barge will be designed to meet a broad range of power-generation requirements and to be positioned rapidly. Commercial applications include the provision of temporary power supplies during the construction phase of new land-based coastal power stations, enabling plant operators to sell power well in advance of the new plant’s commissioning.

The barge also ensures continuity of power supplies during major outages at existing power plants near estuaries, rivers or coastal locations.

It will also be possible to link two or more of these self-contained units together. The units can either be connected to the local grid or operated as standalone island plants, ready to run at 100 per cent load within just 10 minutes from cold start.

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