Coal-fired power

China Energy Group (CEEC) has been awarded with contracts to construct and install the Duyen Hai Phase-Ⅲ 2×622 MW coal-fired power plant in Vietnam and followed up that success by winning a deal for installation of the Bhola 225MW combined cycle power plant in Bangladesh.

Located in Duyen Hai City, Tra Vinh Province, about 200km away from Ho Chi Minh City, the Vietnam project includes two 622 MW coal-fired generating units.
Coal-fired power
According to Energy Business Review, the project owner is EVN and the construction period is 939 days.

Meanwhile the Bangladesh project is located on Bhola Island, the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, 28km away from the county seat of Bhola, consisting of two gas turbine generators, two waste heat boilers and one steam turbine generator.

With a construction period of 428 days, construction work is scheduled to begin around the middle of March.

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