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CEBus Industry Council to hand over PlugLab to university

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., Sept. 5, 2000–IUPUI’s Purdue School of Engineering and Technology will be assuming the full operation of the PlugLab. This facility, located on the IUPUI campus in Indianapolis, is a conformance test center for various home network devices and standards.

Until now, the CEBus Industry Council had been the administrator of the facility, while IUPUI had been providing personnel, equipment and space to execute test services for PlugLab customers.

“The PlugLab offers a foundation for our home networking automation research taking place here at IUPUI, said Greg Smith, PlugLab director of computer network center and business manager. “I see the PlugLab’s independence as a more effective way to provide the certification needs for this industry.”

The CEBus Industry Council created PlugLab in partnership with IUPUI in 1998. The initial objective was to establish a test center that could validate whether a product met the specifications of the CEBus standard and the Home Plug & Play specification.

As demand for similar services applicable to other standards became evident, the formula was extended to include HomePNA. Discussions are presently on going with other existing standards organizations for delivery of conformance test services.

“We are proud of what we realized in establishing the leading conformance test center for home networking products,” said Evan Price, CEBus Industry Council chairman. “The time is now appropriate to transfer management of the PlugLab to IUPUI and allow it to continue growing as a home automation standards testing center.” PlugLab will continue to (a) conduct extensive certification programs on behalf standards bodies and their members to ensure that home networking products meet interoperability and performance standards and merit appropriate seals of approval, and (b) host “Plugfest” events to test the interoperability of devices compliant with home networking standards.