CDM-supported trigen plant in Beijing nears completion

A 780 MW trigeneration (combined heat, power and cooling) plant is currently being commissioned in the north of Beijing, approximately 3-km south of the Olympic Park. The project has been supported in its development and application for carbon credits, without which the project would not have been viewed as commercially viable in China, by UK-based Camco International.

The Taiyanggong CCGT Trigeneration power plant comprises two US produced GE gas turbines and a custom-designed steam turbine manufactured in Harbin, China. Construction is almost complete and commissioning tests are under way. The project has been submitted to the CDM executive board for approval and is currently going through the registration process.

The efficiency of electricity generation is anticipated to be 58% and steam is also exported to the city network for heating and cooling purposes, raising the overall efficiency of the plant to an expected 79%. The export of steam to sites across the city will remove the need for over 70 large combustion boiler units, says Camco.

Once completed, construction will have taken approximately 18 months from start to completion. 4000 workers are based on the project.

Climate change and carbon assets business Camco partners with companies to identify, develop and manage projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and then arranges the sale and delivery of carbon credits to international compliance buyers and into the voluntary market. In China, the company has a track record for providing expertise in both complex industrial projects and renewable energy projects.

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