Caterpillar launches new natural gas genset

Caterpillar has launched a new natural gas generator set.

The Cat G3512 is rated for standby power at 750 kW or 1000 kW at 60 Hz.

Caterpillar said that the genset is “ideal for emergency, legally-required or optional standby systemsCaterpillar launches G3512 gas genset such as office buildings, data centres, retail complexes, schools, government buildings, universities and research facilities”.

It added that with an updated package design, the G3512 is modelled after the standby diesel solution to minimize installation costs and commissioning time on-site.

The engine is built on established 3500 technology and features a design with steel pistons and a protection monitoring system.

Featuring Caterpillar’s new EMCP 4.3 generator set controller, the G3512 easily integrates with building management systems. The expanded set of features also includes complete SR5 generators, gas train, package-mounted radiators and simplified wiring connections.

Mike Yohe of Caterpillar Energy Solutions said the genset “checks all the boxes for the standby market segment”.

“This is built upon a robust diesel 3500 platform with a proven track record, and dependability is critical for customers who use these generators during utility outages.”

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