Caterpillar launches innovative generator set to cut fuel costs

Caterpillar has announced the introduction of the company’s Dynamic Gas Blending dual-fuel technology as a factory-installed option for diesel generator sets.

This system allows Cat diesel engines to burn a mixture of diesel and natural gas, in many cases cutting fuel costs by up to $100/eMW for each hour of generator set operation while maintaining diesel engine performance.

Since 2013, Caterpillar has offered DGB retrofit kits for power solutions primarily used in the oil and gas industry. With the introduction of factory-installed DGB technology, Caterpillar can provide complete product support, including standard warranty coverage for the entire generator set with the DGB hardware.

The DGB factory-installed option is applicable for six prime- and continuous-rated Cat 3516B diesel generator sets for unregulated emissions applications in Latin America and other global markets.à‚  These high-speed generator sets feature power ratings from 1750 kVA to 2275 kVA for 50-Hz applications and from 1640 ekW to 1825 ekW for 60-Hz applications.
“By far, fuel consumption accounts for the largest percentage of operating expenses for power solutions at remote sites,” said Lenaik Andrieux, general manager for Caterpillar’s Large Electric Power Division.à‚  “This dual-fuel technology in a factory-installed package offers a payback in as little as a few weeks.”

Caterpillar’s DGB technology is fully automatic and has been designed to continually monitor each of the 16 cylinders while optimizing the diesel substitution rate to suit the application demands and environment. This enables the Cat DGB system to protect the engine, maintain diesel performance, and maximize diesel substitution rates in any situation.

It can maintain diesel performance levels with up to 70 percent replacement of diesel with gas. No customer input or gas analysis is needed during operation, and no recalibration is required when the equipment is moved or the gas supply changes.


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