Caterpillar chief elected to second term at Europgen

Lenaik Andrieux, Caterpillar General Manager for the Large Electric Power business, has been re-appointed to a second consecutive term as president of Europgen, a cross-border, non-profit organization representing four leading national trade associations in the generator set industry.à‚  He began his new three-year term in June.
Lenaik Andrieux, Caterpillar General Manager

Under Andrieux’s leadership, Europgen has provided valuable input for legislation in the European Union relating to emissions, grid codes, hazardous materials, noise, and safety. à‚ Europgen’s priorities moving forward are to expand its roster by accepting individual companies for membership and to monitor the effectiveness of new EU emissions and noise regulations that will take effect in 2018.
“As generator sets assume an increasingly important role in delivering power in both established and emerging markets, a strong voice is needed to represent the viewpoints of manufacturers as legislation and regulations are crafted,” said Paul Blything, secretary general of Europgen.

“Lenaik Andrieux has helped Europgen shape numerous regulations, and we will rely on his leadership as we look to expand our influence.”

Established in 2011, Europgen collaborates with the European Commission and other European institutions to inform, advise and lobby on behalf of its member associations and the wider power generation industry.à‚  It represents the UK’s Association of Manufacturers of Power Generating Systems, Italy’s Comitato Construttori Gruppi Elettrogeni (COGREL), France’s Groupement des Industries du Groupe àƒâ€°lectrogàƒ¨ne (GIGREL), and Germany’s Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau (VDMA) Power Systems association.

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