Capstone delivering microturbines to Nigeria

CHATSWORTH, Calif.à‚–(BUSINESS WIRE)à‚–March 14, 2001à‚–In announcing its first shipments to the African continent, Capstone Turbine Corp. today revealed a formal distribution agreement with Totalsupport Ltd. for Nigeria.

Totalsupport has already secured purchase agreements in Nigeria from two of the world’s leading multinational oil producers for delivery of 10 Capstone MicroTurbineà¢â€ž¢ power systems, five of which have arrived and are undergoing installation.

Totalsupport provides engineering and logistics support to several blue-chip oil, oil service and engineering companies in west Africa. Their primary market for the Capstone MicroTurbines will be in resource recovery applications in which the systems will use low-value wellhead gases to produce onsite electricity for oilfield facilities and nearby communities.

௿½The Capstone MicroTurbine provides cleaner combustion of oilfield gases than any other gas-flaring or incineration device. And it gives you reliable electricity as a byproduct. It is an amazing win-win solution that replaces the expense of gas destruction equipment with something that rapidly pays for itself,௿½ said Totalsupport President Ubani Nkaginieme.

௿½In Nigeria, there is an abundance of wellhead gas and a severe shortage of electricity,௿½ Nkaginieme said. ௿½We see this system as being very well suited to both grid-connected and stand-alone applications here in Nigeria.௿½

௿½New technology like the Capstone MicroTurbine can be compared to telecommunications advances in developing regions,௿½ said Dr. Ake Almgren, president and chief executive officer of Capstone Turbine. ௿½Rather than the massive investment of time and money in running telephone wires, developing nations are choosing to go directly to a cellular or wireless telecommunications network. We see the Capstone MicroTurbine as a similar enabling technology that would allow communities, facilities and businesses to create ‘micro-grids’ of Capstone systems to directly serve local power needs.௿½

Compared with traditional reciprocating engine generators, Capstone’s 30- and 60-kilowatt microturbines are designed to operate 5-10 times longer between major service intervals and require no oil, lubricants or coolants. The system has a single moving assembly and operates on natural gas, propane, diesel, kerosene, methane and low/variable-grade gases with heat content as low as 350 Btu/scf. It can also accept up to seven percent ௿½sour௿½ H2S gas, a corrosive gas that damages conventional generator engines.

The system’s digital power electronics permit easy electronic linking of up to 20 systems into an up-to-1.2 megawatt array. One system in the array acts as the master unit. Monitoring, diagnostics and adjustments to all systems in the array are made through the control panel on the master system or via a single modem and the company’s Capstone Remoteà¢â€ž¢ Windows௿½-based dial-up software.

About Totalsupport

Founded in 1990 and composed predominately of engineers and technicians, the expert staff of more than 300 persons who comprise Totalsupport Ltd. ( offer expertise and technical support in oilfield and energy-related operations, base power and standby power generation, and general logistics and support services. The company is committed to achieving zero downtime in a safe, smart and cost-effective manner. Taking a ௿½mission-critical, never go down௿½ approach, Totalsupport believes leading technology like the Capstone MicroTurbine is an investment in superior technique and ultimate savings to its clients.

About Capstone Turbine

Capstone Turbine Corp. ( – news /c/cpst.html>) à‚– winner of Financial Times Energy’s ( ) 2000 Global Energy Award for Most Innovative Commercial Technology à‚– is a leading producer of low-emission microturbine systems.

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