The Springfield Colony, a rural Hutterite in Manitoba, Canada is benefiting from the installation of a higher-capacity unit from Katolight by MTU Onsite Energy. When utility power fails, the new on-site power generator ensures continuous power for all of the colony’s agricultural and woodworking equipment.

Besides meeting all of the colony’s current power needs during an outage, the generator set and accompanying control equipment have helped make seamless transitions from utility power to standby generator power.

The colony farms more than 6,000 acres, manages a 600-sow hog operation, keeps 8,500 laying hens and raises more than 20,000 broilers every eight weeks. In addition, Springfield Colony is noted for high-quality woodworking—cabinets, countertops, doors and office furniture—that it sells to customers in Manitoba and northern Ontario.

All of these activities are critical to the colony and require dependable standby electric power generation in the event of utility power failures.

The purchased equipment is critical to the community’s high power manufacturing process as the colony experiences frequent power outages and once lost power for 17 hours, according to James Kleinsasser, the colony’s electrician.

Kleinsasser selected a Series 2000 generator from MTU Onsite Energy. Powered by a 12-cylinder MTU diesel engine, the Series 2000 generator has a rated capacity of 750 kW, which is more than enough to keep electricity flowing to all of the colony’s equipment and homes during a utility power outage.

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