Belgian football arena receives standby power system

The renovated Versluys Arena football stadium, home to Belgian first-division side KV Oostende, have been kitted out in new on-site standby power equipment.

Like other similar facilities, the stadium is lit by mercury vapour floodlights which, once switched off, need to cool down before they can light up again. The stadium can seat around 8,500 spectators during a match and a power cut could plunge them into darkness for at least 10 minutes.
HIMOINSA Power Cubes
To prevent such outages, HIMOINSA, through its distributor, Vandaele Machinery | VD Power, installed two stand-by Power Cubes. Both units working in parallel supply up to 1MVA, enough power to light up the whole football stadium if there is a power cut.

Power Cubes are 500kVA generator sets in 10 foot containers. They feature a type V MTU engine and a remote cooling system installed on top of the canopy to optimise space. Specifically, their compact size, low noise emissions and guaranteed good local technical service were decisive factors in winning this project for the Spanish firm.

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