Google-backed Atlantic Wind Connection (AWC) has hired Bechtel as engineering, procurement and construction contractor and Alstom (EuronextALO) as transmission “advisor” for the first phase of its mega-grids project off the coast of New Jersey, US.

The first 3GW section will be sited off the coast of New Jersey and the project, a high profile investment from Google (NASDAQGOOG) will be built over three phases, with construction at the first slated to run from 2016-2019.
Wind turbines
For the first phase, Bechtel will design and install the onshore piece and one offshore converter station – as well as overseeing the installation of the high-voltage direct current (HVDC) cables.

Alstom has been brought on board to provide technical advice related to the multi-terminal HVDC offshore “hubs”, where the electricity produced by wind turbines will be stepped up and converted into a useable form for PJM’s onshore grid.

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