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BC Hydro to migrate to Foxboro I/A Series control systems at Burrard Generating Station

FOXBORO, Mass., Jan. 29, 2001 à‚– BC Hydro (Vancouver, BC) will be migrating control on three units from legacy systems to state-of-the-art Foxboro I/A Series systems at its Burrard Generating Station, located in Port Moody, a suburb of Vancouver.

This control system upgrade is part of a larger environmental improvement and plant modernization project. Ultimately, it is planned that the entire station will be under I/A Series control.

As the major thermal generating asset in BC Hydro’s predominantly hydroelectric system, Burrard Generating Station plays an important role by supplying power to the electrical grid during low run-off years, when reservoir levels are low or during maintenance outages. Built in stages between the late 1950s and the mid-1970s, Burrard Generating Station has a maximum generating capacity of 960 MW from its six, natural gas-fired steam turbines.

A milestone in the major upgrade underway was the May 2000 completion of Selective Catalytic Reduction technology (SCR) installation. Installation of SCR technology is consistent with BC Hydro’s emphasis on minimizing environmental impact throughout its operations. SCR technology reduces emissions of nitrogen oxides, a major concern for local air quality, from Burrard Generating Station by 90%.

The main objectives of this multi-million dollar control system upgrade project is to improve unit heat rates and availability through improved process control and replacement of obsolete instrumentation.

In addition to the I/A Series control platform, Foxboro Canada is implementing a Performance Monitoring package, Burner Management System, and Training Simulator, as well as providing a variety of field instrumentation and equipment, engineering, and site services at the Burrard Generating Station.

BC Hydro’s Electric Generation System extends throughout various regions of the province. The 29 integrated hydroelectric generating stations, one conventional thermal station, and two combustion turbine stations have a total installed generating capacity of 10,762 MW. For more information, visit BC Hydro’s website at www.bchydro.com.

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