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AWS and Trident Energy collaborate on new innovative wave energy device

AWS and Trident Energy have jointly announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which will see the two companies working together on an optimised wave energy converter (WEC) design.à‚  The improved Archimedes Waveswing WEC will be fitted with Trident Energy’s optimised PowerPod II direct drive linear generator technology.

The Archimedes Waveswing WEC takes a highly efficient sub-sea pressure-differential point-absorber concept and combines it with efficient linear generator technology and advanced control algorithms resulting in maximised yield.

Trident Energy’s PowerPod II is a highly scalable and modular Power Take-Off (PTO) system based around a patented tubular linear generator design.à‚  The PowerPod II combines Trident’s linear generator with proven off-the-shelf solid state power electronics to provide a full 4-quadrant generator control capability.à‚  The generator control system enables fully reactive force feedback in real-time on a wave by wave basis, thus maximising efficiency.

The AWS and Trident teams will work together to further develop an advanced control system and share their existing numerical models to develop a complete “wave-to-wire” system model of the full Waveswing WEC.

Wave Energy Scotland (WES) is providing financial support to both AWS and Trident Energy under separate funding calls.à‚  AWS secured à‚£285k of funding for its Stage 1 project in the Novel Wave Energy Converter (NWEC) call.à‚  Trident has secured à‚£485k of Stage 2 funding for its “WaveDrive” project in the “innovative power take-off systems” call.

Simon Grey, AWS CEO commented: “We are delighted to be working with Trident Energy on this initiative.à‚  The Archimedes Waveswing is one of the most structurally efficient wave energy converter designs however economic performance is critically dependant on our ability to control the device in real time using our advanced algorithms.à‚  The Trident linear generator allows us to achieve this whilst also delivering best-in-class cost per kW and a highly robust design”.

Steve Packard, Trident Energy CEO said: “We are really looking forward to working with the AWS team and delivering a fully controllable PTO system, tailored for optimal performance of their Waveswing device.à‚  I am delighted that Trident and AWS are working together to bring a “next generation” WEC to market.à‚  Integrating the technologies is an exciting development for us and I believe it demonstrates the maturing nature of the marine energy sector as a whole.”

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