AUMA in India six-plant actuator deal

Electric actuator manufacturer AUMA is currently supplying nearly 2300 actuators for six large coal-fired power plants being built by NTPC, India’s largest power utility.

AUMA India is providing 500 actuators for each of the three plants at Lara, in Chhattisgarh; Barh in Bihar and Gadarwara in Madhya Pradesh.

Another 484 actuators are going to Malwa, also in Madhya Pradesh, 306 to two smaller projects at Meja in Uttar Pradesh and Solapur in Maharashtra.

The six projects range in size from 2 x 660à‚ MW to 5 x 800à‚ MW and all except the Lara plant are supercritical.

The actuators are deployed for intelligent valve control across all processes within the plants, including feedwater treatment, steam generation, combustion air control, turbine control, flue gas management, and cooling water supply.à‚ 

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