APC launches PowerStruXure data centre solution in Europe

8 Mar 2002 – A new power provision solution for data centres, PowerStruXure, was given its European launch in London yesterday by American Power Conversion (APC). Since its formation in 1981, Rhode Island -based APC has been developing products aimed at environments containing highly sensitive electronic equipment such as surge protectors, UPS and cooling systems.

PowerStruXure, which is currently available in the US, offers advances in the areas of rack mounting of servers, cable management and environmental monitoring. APC intend to bring the solution to Europe, the Middle East and Africa in the third quarter of 2002 and to most remaining markets worldwide by the end of the year.

APC’s PowerStruXure architecture attempts to address some of the difficulties currently facing companies who are establishing data centres. The rapid evolution of IT equipment has meant smaller units, more closely packed but drawing as much, if not more power along with the attendant cooling problems. Uncertainty in IT, hi-Tec and telecoms markets means designing the right size of data facility is more difficult and carries with it increasing risk.

APC has come up with its solution which is believes addresses these problems through a scaleable approach allowing companies to “pay as you grow”. Rodger Dowdell, APC’s president and C.E.O. said, ” The complexity of forecasting dynamic processing loads against a typical capital expense cycle has put IT and facilities managers in a difficult position. It too much infrastructure capacity is built and demand is not there, overhead can soar. On the contrary, if lead times are long, data centre build-outs can become a bottleneck and revenue can be constrained.”

PowerStruXure’s modular approach means data centres that would have taken days to build can now be constructed within a few hours. It features central environment monitoring for colocations with other developments including a new, larger rack design with better power cable management and enhanced ventilation.

PowerStruXure allows additional capacity to be purchased and installed when needed, via a “building blocks” approach, therefore reducing the upfront capital investment required to undertake data centre projects.

PowerStruXure is available is three categories, each with a high degree of scalability built into the design. The three types cater for data centres less than 500 sq. feet, 500-5000 sq. feet and over 5000 sq. feet

Simon Brady, APC’s Special Program Manger said, “APC was founded in the distributed IT age. It is now bringing customer-driven R&D solutions to a market where IT is becoming much more centralized.

APC is a Fortune 1000 and S&P 500 company with a turnover of $1.43bn in 2001.

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