Abu Dhabi’s Mirfa combined cycle power plant is to benefit from works to be carried out by Ansaldo Energia.

The Italian power engineering company has won $444m (EUR350m) in contracts at the facility in the United Arab Emirates.

Ansaldo Energia, working in a consortium with HDEC (Hyundai Engineering & Construction), will supply to the project company “Mirfa International Power and Water Company” three AE94.3A  gas turbines, two MT20 steam turbines, five air-cooled turbogenerators and all the relevant auxiliary systems.
Al Mirfa
Ansaldo has also been awarded a twenty five-year Long Term Maintenance Contract (LTMA) to service the gas turbines.

Ansaldo Thomassen, the Ansaldo Energia company based in the Netherlands and specialised in service activities on third-party gas turbines, signed a contract with HDEC for the refurbishment, conversion and commissioning of four GE Frame 9E gas turbines already existing at the site.

Finally, Ansaldo Thomassen also signed a Long Term Service Agreement (LTSA) with the project company to maintain the aforementioned gas turbines for twelve years.

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