Ansaldo Energia produces CHP first in Czech Republic

Italian power engineering specialists, Ansaldo Energia, has had its first combined cooling heat and power plant (CCHP) successfully commissioned in the Czech Republic.

The plant, which includes the company’s AE-T100 Micro Gas Turbines was designed, proposed and sold by FLàƒ¬DR ENERGO s.r.o., the official Distributor for Ansaldo Energia Micro Gas Turbines in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
Ansaldo Energia and Flidr staff with Czech Republic installation
The trigeneration plant is made up of two natural gas fired Ansaldo Energia AE-T100NG Micro Gas Turbines, a specific exhaust gas/ hot water heat exchanger and a hot-water-fed absorption chiller, coupled with a water storage tanks system that provides flexibility for thermal power response, following potential thermal load variations along time.

The advanced energy system provides 200 kWe as electrical power from the gas turbines and more than 200 kWth as cooling thermal power from the absorber.

Hot thermal power is available on request through remote management via a dedicated software tool.

The plant serves an industrial facility, cooling down a series of die-casting machineries and also providing cold thermal power to the facility’s air conditioning system.

“A fresh new family of Ansaldo Energia Micro Gas Turbines Distributors and Partners is maturing in Central Europe”, Riccardo Ori – Sales Micro Turbines at Ansaldo Energia S.p.A told Decentralized Energy, adding that the company is interested in developing more of similar facilities in the central European region.

“Flàƒ¬dr Energo s.r.o is absolutely one of them, highly motivated to promote and sell this technology through their well-established business channels in Czech Republic and Slovakia.

“Industrial applications are becoming our AE-T100 main field of application. Through CCHP configuration as well as in steam-production layout, where a heat recovery steam generator or a post-firing system produces an industrial steam mass flow ranging between kilogrammes per hour to tonnes per hour with a high overall system efficiency, it is proving suitable for lots of potential applications worldwide”.

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