Ansaldo Energia commissioned for Polish micro-CHP project

A new combined cooling heat and power (CCHP) plant has been commissioned in Jablonna, central Poland.

Designed, realized and commissioned by RenCraft Sp. z o.o., the entire plant turns around a natural gas-fired Ansaldo Energia AE-T100NG Micro Gas Turbine unit, which represents the core technology of the plant.

Ansaldo AE-T100 will generate 100 kWe as electrical power together with approximately 200 kWt of thermal power available to generate both heat and/or cooling power in the form of hot/cold water (using additional absorption chillers).
Jablonna chp with Ansaldo
The trigeneration plant will serve the brand new Research Centre of the Polish Academy of Sciences KEZO – Energy Conversion and Renewable Source – unveiled in Jablonna, located in Legionowo County – Masovian Voivodeship Province.

This advanced research centre is a department belonging to the Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery – Polish Academy of Sciences (IMP-PAN) headquartered in Gdansk.

Lauded as one of the most modern laboratories in Poland and indeed in Europe, the aim of the department is the creation of a new scientific specialization in small scale distributed energy generation, management and storage using AE-T100 (and other CHP and RES technologies available onsite) either for building energy systems or bench for advanced test campaigns.

“RenCraft Sp. z o.o. represents an excellent example of an AE-T100 Micro Gas Turbines Distributor” said Riccardo Ori – Sales Micro Turbines – Ansaldo Energia S.p.A.. “Indeed they took care of the entire deployment of our technology, from the feasibility analysis to the post-commissioning full service coverage. We are also doubly proud, this being the 2ndà‚ installation realized inside the IMP-PAN’s facilities through AE-T100 technology. “

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