Turnkey temporary power project company Altaaqa Global has announced the inauguration of a combined 50 MW of temporary on-site power in Cameroon. Installation and commissioning at two sites, Logbaba and Ndokoti (Bassa), for clients the Cameroonian government and state-owned utility Eneo Cameroon SA was completed in 21 days, Altaaqa Global said.

In compliance with global emissions standards, the company said its gas-fired gensets from Caterpillar were engineered to only emit 250 mg/Nm3 even without after-treatment. Gas was supplied for the projects by Gaz du Cameroun, a subsidiary of Victorial Oil & Gas (VOG) under a collaborative business model that VOG CEO Kevin Foo called a ‘true game-changer’ in the country.

MTU supplies emergency power for German water authority

Rolls-Royce’s MTU Onsite Energy has supplied an emergency standby genset to the Lake Constance Water Suply Authority in Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

The genset will extend the capacity of the existing emergency power supply system and ensure that the supply of drinking water to four million people in Baden-Württemberg is safeguarded in the event of a power outage.

With a mechanical output of 6500 kW (50 Hz/1500 rpm) and a rated output of 7800 kVA, the genset – which is based on a high-speed 20-cylinder Series 956 diesel engine – is the most powerful MTU emergency backup genset Rolls-Royce has built to date, the company said.

The Lake Constance Water Supply Authority has operated an emergency power supply system using two MTU gensets since 1986. The new genset will increase the system’s power output from 8.8 MW to 15.3 MW. In emergency operation, this output is enough to pump, purify and deliver as much as 75% of the average water requirement.

Cummins Power Generation China launches 50 Hz genset

Cummins Power Generation China has introduced its new C640 D5 open genset, powered by the KTAA19 engine.

The genset is designed specifically for the global unregulated, non-CE market, Cummins said. Available only in an open version with no fuel tank, the new generator set features 40°C ambient capability.

The KTAA19-G6 engine is a vertical in-line, water-cooled, six-cylinder, non-emissionised model designed to perform under severe climatic conditions with a very low derating threshold. The company said its Pressure Time (PT) fuel system, exclusive to Cummins Power Generation, features mechanically actuated unit injectors.

US funds GENSETS programme

The US Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) has allocated $55 million in funding for 18 energy research projects including West Virginia University Research Corporation’s (WVURC) GENSETS project.

The GENSETS (GENerators for Small Electrical and Thermal Systems) project aims to develop generator technologies that will improve efficiencies in residential combined heat and power (CHP) generation.

WVURC, along with its research partners, received $2 million to develop a generator for CHP systems based on a crankless, linear, free-piston internal combustion engine that drives a permanent magnet linear electric generator.

There are 11 additional GENSETS project teams.

HiPower delivers custom generators for Canadian rental fleet

HiPower Systems, a division of Himoinsa in North America, has announced the delivery of a fleet of 1.2 MW portable diesel generators to Ontario, Canada-based power solutions firm GAL Power for use in its rental genset division.

The generators were custom engineered and manufactured to fit the most achievable functionality into the smallest possible space, HiPower said.

Requirements provided by GAL Power for the custom units included easy access to the fuel tank and control panel, as well as the ability to quickly and easily synchronise two or more units in a parallel configuration for more efficient load distribution and power redundancy.

HiPower said its engineers were able to reduce the container length by 25%, from 40 to 30 feet (12 to nine metres), even with the addition of a fuel tank mounted at the front of the unit.

Hong Kong JCB genset dealer gets loadbank

Testing and maintenance just got easier for a genset dealership in Hong Kong.

JCB diesel generator dealer Sun Shing Holding has taken delivery of a loadbank from UK-based manufacturer Crestchic. Loadbanks are used for testing electrical power output on diesel generators, gas turbines and UPS systems during commissioning and maintenance work.

The 600 kW resistive-only loadbank will enable Sun Shing to test and maintain its rental genset fleet, including carrying out pre-delivery inspections and offering testing services for customers’ equipment.

For owners of rental genset fleets, loadbanks can help to ensure that the customer specifies the correct capacity, said Paul Brickman, sales and marketing director at Crestchic. ‘Many operations renting generators order a larger capacity than necessary for the application because they are not 100% sure of how much power they will actually be using. Without exception, generators do not benefit from being lightly loaded as this can lead to carbon buildup which is detrimental to the performance of the generator. The only way to prevent this is to use a loadbank as part of the service procedure.’