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Alstom wins upgrade and rehabilitation contract for gas turbine power plant in Brazil

Alstom said Wednesday it has won an order worth €122m for upgrading and rehabilitation of a gas-fired, simple-cycle power plant at Camacari, near Salvador, Brazil.

The order was placed by the utility Companhia Hidroel௿½ricia do S௿½Francisco with Alstom promising a substantial performance increase in the plant within 26 months.

In commercial operation since 1977, the power plant is based on five type GT11D4 gas turbines, which currently supply a total of about 80 MW to the Brazilian grid. The turbine upgrade will bring the five gas turbines up to the standard of the latest turbine technology, increasing overall power output to 350 MW, and raising the gas turbine efficiency by approximately 6.5 per cent.

All existing equipment will undergo rehabilitation and the process control system will be replaced by a state-of-the-art system which will also provide remote control features. To support the customer’s decision to rely on natural gas rather than on oil for future power plant operation, the contract also covers all necessary modifications for the fuel conversion.

The power plant project at Camacari is one of many governmental measures in Brazil to overcome an acute, nation-wide power shortage. As Brazil’s booming economy and growing population continuously raises the demand for power, the extremely dry weather throughout the past three years has pushed power capacities to their limit.