Alstom wins contract to upgrade a gas turbine for power plant in Austria

Oct. 9, 2002 — Alstom has been awarded a contract to upgrade a gas turbine block for the Korneuburg B combined-cycle power plant, located north-west of Vienna, Austria. The order was placed by EVN AG.

The contract involves upgrading an existing GT13D gas turbine block, supplied in 1980, with a new EV combustor and other modifications to the new GT13DM.

The new gas turbine will have a capacity of 101 MW. Without any modification to the water steam cycle the upgrade will provide the customer with over 20 MW extra plant output and enhanced part load capabilities. Combined-cycle efficiency will improve by more than 2 percent and the EV combustor will reduce NOx emissions.

Importantly for the customer, the upgrade can be achieved within the plant’s existing combined-cycle without significant modification to existing components. The upgrade also creates the potential for a further increase in plant output of approximately 9 percent and further efficiency gains, should the customer choose to implement an improvement of the plant’s heat recovery steam generator and water steam cycle in the near future. Commissioning is scheduled for October 2003.

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