Alstom to deliver 50th Tempest gas turbine

7 October 2002 – Alstom has won a contract to supply its first Tempest gas turbine to Germany. The order also represents the 50th Tempest to be sold worldwide.

Under a contract awarded by Papier und Kartonfabrik VAREL, Alstom will supply a Tempest gas turbine generating set for installation in a new combined power and steam cogeneration scheme at the Varel Paper mill near Bremen. The combined cogeneration utility, developed by Friedrich Hutter GmbH Consulting Engineers, has a fuel utilisation of 95 per cent.

The combined cycle plant has a steam production rate of 65 tonnes per hour and a total power output of 16 MW and represents the second utility of its type at the Papier und Kartonfabrik Varel. The Company’s first installation has achieved more than 120 000 operating hours. Both utilities contribute towards a high CO2 conservation.

The Tempest, which is rated at 7.90MW(e), will be arranged upstream of the already commissioned radiation type steam generator to complete the highly efficient combined cycle plant.

The gas turbine will operate on natural gas fuel and is fitted with the Alstom dry low emissions combustion system for reducing NOx and CO levels. The fully packaged set incorporates the gas turbine, gearbox, generator and all systems mounted on a single underbase. Turbine controls, generator control panel and motor control centre are also mounted on the common underbase.

Delivery of the generating set package from Alstom’s manufacturing facility in Lincoln, UK, is scheduled for December 2002.

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